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Monday, August 15, 2011

FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Season 3 Review

A 'Family' forged by Fate, faces their Fears & Foibles
amid the Freaky & the Fantastic.

Join Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus and special guests Karen and Crystal in our temporarily constructed shared alternate reality known as a podcast, as we discuss the Third Season of Fringe.

'Fringe Season 3 Review'

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fringe Season 3 Finale - Part 2 of 2

Will Season 4 Ignore Or Explore?

Season 3 Finale - ‘The Day We Died’*

* - all dialogue quotes are from this episode.

Walternate(2011): ‘You shattered my universe! Do you have any idea of how many deaths you caused?’

Walter(2011): ‘That was an accident! What you have tried to do, you have done on purpose!’

Season 4 starts out with the two universes still in peril but now with a chance for both sides to avert the impending disaster, thanks to Peter. But the price of creating that chance has removed Peter from the playing board. So much of what Walter and Olivia have become is intertwined with Peter’s presence. Without him in the mix how can this new opportunity in the form of the Universe Bridge between the two universes have a chance of success? How well will Olivia and Walter and by extension, Walternate and Fauxlivia, be equipped to deal with this new crisis?

Have the writers have written themselves into a corner?