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Sunday, January 16, 2011

CNN Season 4 - MidSeason Smorgasbord - Part 2

Welcome back gang!

Last episode was the appetizer. This one is the main course! Enjoy!

Take a listen to our concluding Audio Discussion about Chuck Season 4 on the CNN Season 4 - MidSeason Smorgasbord - Part 2 of 2 Podcast:



Join Jan, Karen, Joe, Mary, and myself as we whet Chuck fan hunger appetites waiting for the resumption of Season 4.

Thanks to my fellow podcasters, Jan, Karen, and Joe.

Special thanks to Special Guest Mary Scavarda whom can be found online at True Blush Girls and on Twitter at - @mary3s

Miss any episodes? You can find them all at CNN - Chuck Nerdposium Netcast, and every time you watch it helps to support us!

As always this podcast is family and office safe.

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