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Monday, October 18, 2010

FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review - 3.04: Dreaming ShapeShifters

Join us in our temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast, as we discuss the latest episode of Fringe.


Christine said...

always love your podcast!! thanks so much!!

Anyhow, I went and rewatched the promo and it's actually a promo for ALL of November. I forget who mentioned it looked like our Olivia would be back to our universe in next episode, but the promo is for the whole month of November & what to look forward too.

It actually makes sense she might get back to our universe in November at some point, since it is sweeps month too!

Just wanted to share my brilliant observational skills (how's that for modesty tee hee)...I would've been bummed had she gotten back right off in the next episode!

Now, how to cure my Fringe cravings until after baseball...grrr...

Shari (Dohknutty) said...

Any episode with self medicated Walter is a win! Just got around to listening as I just got around to watching this episode last night. Enjoyed it as usual.